Semitron ESD 480 490HR PEEK

ESD/Antistatic materials

Semitron ESD 480 490HR PEEK

Semitron® semiconductor grade products
Semitron® ESd 480
Semitron® ESd 490HR

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Product Details

Product features: excellent electrical and mechanical properties, extremely low water absorption, good dimensional stability, no powder falling, and minimize pollution

SEMITROM ESD PEED 490R: Surface resistivity: 10^9-10^11Ω/sq
SEMITROM ESD PEED 480: Surface resistivity: 10^6-10^9Ω/sq
Maximum working temperature: 250℃
Good corrosion resistance
Good mechanical strength

Application areas: various production line parts, semiconductor liquid crystal manufacturing equipment parts, semiconductor testing equipment parts, electrical and electronic parts, transport container jigs, etc.

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