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With Over 13 Years Experience of Engineering Plastics Components Fabrications

HONY Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd is a national high-technology enterprise integrating R&D, production and sell a wide range of engineering plastics in semi-finished format such as sheets, plates , rods, tubes, flat bars, profiles and finishing machining right through to precise machined parts. Value added services include: Saw Cutting, Laser Cutting & Etching, Routing, Welding, Drilling, Bending, Forming, Polishing, Gluing, Injection Molding & CNC Milling.

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  • Helpline +86 186 8037 1609
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High Quality Custom Components Machined From Stock Shape Plastics Products, Most Engineering and High Performance Semi-Finished Parts – Rods, Bars and Plates

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Here You Will Find HONY Current News , Trade Events , Technical Articles. For Any Help Or Assistance With An Enquiry Please Call +86 186 8037 1609 And Please Do Send Your Enquiries To Us At 'sales@honyplastics.com'


HONY®ESD antistatic bakelite sheet Introduce and

Esd Electrical Insulation Bakelite Sheet/Board
Black/Orange ESD/Antistatic Bakelite Insulating plastic sheet 3,4,5,8,10,12,15,20,25,30,35,40,50mm

  • 2021-06-20
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HONYPLAS®PEEK seal ring glass fiber PEEK ring

PEEK ELGILOY Spring Energized Face Seals
3.18*8*3.1 Spring Energized PEEK seal for hydraulic Rod Seal dispenser rod seal 3.18x8x3.1

  • 2021-06-05
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Know More Details About PEEK Machined Parts

Know More Details About PEEK Machined Parts
There are different types of equipment that are present in today’s modern world. Each of this equipment is innovati

  • 2021-05-25
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Our Partners

HONY®- Your Partner for manufacturing of products made of engineering plastics with CNC machining , We can be your reliable business partner, as we have been for a number of companies worldwide.