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With Over 13 Years Experience of Engineering Plastics Components Fabrications

HONY Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd is a national high-technology enterprise integrating R&D, production and sell a wide range of engineering plastics in semi-finished format such as sheets, plates , rods, tubes, flat bars, profiles and finishing machining right through to precise machined parts. Value added services include: Saw Cutting, Laser Cutting & Etching, Routing, Welding, Drilling, Bending, Forming, Polishing, Gluing, Injection Molding & CNC Milling.

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  • Helpline +86 186 8037 1609
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High Quality Custom Components Machined From Stock Shape Plastics Products, Most Engineering and High Performance Semi-Finished Parts – Rods, Bars and Plates

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Here You Will Find HONY Current News , Trade Events , Technical Articles. For Any Help Or Assistance With An Enquiry Please Call +86 186 8037 1609 And Please Do Send Your Enquiries To Us At 'sales@honyplastics.com'


HONY specialist in the machining of plastic, stand

HONY Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd is a for over 10 years on many materials .

  • 2020-11-27
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HONY Plastics provide you Rexolite® SHEET and ROD

Rexolite® is a thermoset, rigid and translucent plastic produced by cross linking polystyrene with divinylbenzene

  • 2020-11-25
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HONY Fabrication & Machining of Engineering Plasti

Non-reinforced thermoplastics can be processed with high-speed steel: for reinforced plastics, cemented carbide steel is required. During all processing, the cu

  • 2020-11-13
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Our Partners

HONY®- Your Partner for manufacturing of products made of engineering plastics with CNC machining , We can be your reliable business partner, as we have been for a number of companies worldwide.