Wholesale customized wear-resistant polyethylene chain guide rails, complete models, factory conveyo

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Wholesale customized wear-resistant polyethylene chain guide rails, complete models, factory conveyo

HONY is a manufacturer of wear-resistant chain friction strips ,customization and sales of plastic chain friction strips. It provides timing chain friction strips, plastic chain friction strips, and chain track excellent wear-resistant chain friction stri

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After the wear resistance of the chain track was discovered, the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene chain friction strip produced with it has excellent performance. Among the wear-resistant products, the ultra-long wear resistance makes it unique, attracting the attention of a large number of users. Occupy a place in wear-resistant products.

The main characteristics of the chain friction strip are high self-lubrication, no water absorption, damage to the molecular chain formed by water absorption, elimination of adhesion, and natural and smooth feeding. High wear resistance, impact resistance, adding a variety of modifiers to maintain the original characteristics, chain friction strips, improve more practical advantages. Impact resistance, the impact strength reaches 150KJ/㎡. Excellent environmental stress cracking performance, Jiangsu chain track, 200 times that of ordinary polyethylene. Excellent low temperature resistance, not brittle even at -176℃.

The chain friction strip is also called the chain track, which is a static pressure guide rail. The main function of the chain friction bar is to support the operation of the chain and guide the direction of the chain. In today's society, people's application and evaluation of chain friction strips are getting higher and higher. So what are the specific advantages of the chain friction bar? Let its application fields become more and more extensive. The commonly used material for chain friction strips is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet. Let us understand its advantages.

The big advantage of the chain friction bar is its wear resistance. Its wear resistance is particularly outstanding among many performance characteristics. The wear resistance of chain friction strips is much stronger than that of some metals. Another performance of the chain friction bar is impact resistance. During operation, the chain is greatly protected to a certain extent, and the impact of the chain on the equipment is reduced. The chain friction strip also has an important performance characteristic, which is self-lubricating. This feature greatly reduces the wear of the chain and greatly extends the service life of the chain. The chain friction strip also has stable chemical properties, and it is resistant to acid, alkali and salt corrosion. This feature greatly expands the use environment of chain friction strips. Of course, it also has non-stick properties and is not susceptible to moisture. Super low temperature resistance, the service temperature of the chain friction strip is between +80~-269. This shows that the chain friction bar can work even in an ultra-low environment. The chain friction strip is colorless, tasteless, green and safe, and can be used with confidence.

It is precisely because the chain friction strip has so many advantages that it is becoming more and more popular and its application fields are becoming more and more extensive.

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