high strength plastic Torlon PAI Probe Pin bracket Polyamide-imide cnc machined parts for PCB Testin

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high strength plastic Torlon PAI Probe Pin bracket Polyamide-imide cnc machined parts for PCB Testin

High quality needle die torlon 4203 material cnc plastic machining for PCB test

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PAI material is also known as: polyamide-imide. It also has advantages. The allowable working temperature in the air is very high (continuous work at 250°C). The best size in the temperature range of 250 ℃, excellent wear resistance and friction properties. Outstanding UV resistance. Excellent resistance to high-energy radiation (γ-rays and X-rays) The material is mostly used in occasions with high wear resistance requirements, such as non-lubricated bearings, seals, bearing isolation rings and reciprocating compressor parts.

Torlon® polyamideimide (PAI) is a high-strength plastic with the highest strength and rigidity among thermoplastics at 275°C (525°F).
This product has outstanding abrasion resistance, creep resistance, and chemical resistance (including resistance to strong acids and most organics), making it very suitable for applications in harsh environments.

Excellent long-term strength and rigidity at temperatures up to 275°C
Excellent wear resistance
Excellent toughness from low temperature to 275°C high temperature conditions
Resistant to strong acids and most organics
Natural flame retardant
Low coefficient of linear thermal expansion

TORLON 4203 PAI (yellow brown)
TORLON 4203 PAI is the best toughness and impact strength of TORLON PAI. Because of its inherent high temperature resistance, good dimensional stability and good machining performance, TORLON 4203 PAI is often used in the production of high-tech equipment precision parts. Moreover, due to its good electrical insulation, it has been widely used in the field of electrical components
TORLON 4301 PAI (black)

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