NEMA grade gpo3 glass mat polyester laminate sheet gpo-3 fiberglass reinforced plastic sheet

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NEMA grade gpo3 glass mat polyester laminate sheet gpo-3 fiberglass reinforced plastic sheet

Gpo-3 Polyester Laminate GPO3 Insulation Component Electrical Insulation polyester Glass Sheet GPO3

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Product Details

GPO3 sheets, known as UPGM203,are manufactured using polyester resin and fiberglass mat by hot pressed.
Gpo3 laminats perform well in electrical application that require high arc and track resistance ,as well as flame resistance,physical strength and high heat resistance.
All our gpo3 products are UL recognized and are used extensively in the making of phase and end barriers,insulating supports,bus bar supports,mounting panels in switch gear and other types of electrical

GPO3 Features
1.Flammability: UL94 V-0
2. CTI> 600V  without tracking
3. Heat resistance Class: H  200°C 
4.Excellent arc resistance (> 180 seconds)
5.High mechanical strength and good Impact resistance
6.Good Processing properties, Can punching, drilling, machining, cutting
7. UL certification passed (No.: E327939) ,ROHS once a year, have passed inspection
8.Complete sort, sufficient inventory to meet the different needs of customers,also To map processing

GPO3 Application
1.Phaes and end barriers
2.Insulating supports ,bus bar supports
3.Mounting panels in switch gears ,transformers
4.Antenna buses ,spacers  andSeparator system parts
5.Power supply: Medium voltage inverter, High Voltage Switchgear and other high-quality primary insulation material for Columns, beams, trunking, etc.
6.Breaker: Safety shutter, security shutters, space liner, clapboard, arc interrupter compartment panels
7.Electric motor: Motor armature parts , wedge stator fixed gaskets, shims, carbon brush holder, etc
8.Arcresistant structures: Interrupter cover, arc tube, arc across the board and various central parts
9. Where high heat ,mechanical stability and electrically isolative conditions are needed

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