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Customized High Quality Cnc Machining Turned Machined Peek Cnc Parts

Customized high quality CNC machining plastic peek cnc turned machined plastic parts

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Product Details

HONY plastics can make custom PEEK Machined Parts to your specifications or drawings.
PEEK™ is an abbreviation for polyetheretherketone, a high performance engineering thermoplastic.
PEEK™ grades offer good chemical and water resistance and can operate at high temperatures.
PEEK™ can be used continuously to 480°F (250°C) and in hot water or steam without permanent loss in physical properties.
For use in hostile environments, PEEK™ is a high strength alternative.
PEEK™ carries a V-0 flammability rating and exhibits very low smoke and toxic gas emission when exposed to flame.
Unfilled PEEK™ is approved by the FDA for food contact applications.

Excellent chemical resistance
Very low moisture absorption
Inherently good wear and abrasion resistance
Unaffected by continuous exposure to hot water or steam

Virgin PEEK™
PEEK Machined Parts made from general purpose Unfilled PEEK™ is not reinforced and offers the highest elongation and toughness of all PEEK grades.
PEEK™ material is available in the following colors: LIGHT BROWN (natural color) and BLACK.
Black PEEK™ is ideal for instrument components where aesthetics are important, as well as for seal components where ductility and inertness are important.
Unfilled PEEK™ grades comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2415 for repeated food contact.
30% Glass Filled PEEK™
30% glass filled PEEK™ parts have an increase in flexural modules and a reduction in expansion rate.
This grade is ideal for structural applications that require improved strength, stiffness, or stability, especially at temperatures above 300°F (150°C).
Glass-filled PEEK™ is only available in a LIGHT BROWN color.
30% Carbon Filled PEEK™
30% carbon filled PEEK™ parts have enhanced compression strength and stiffness and a dramatically lower expansion rate.
It offers designers optimum wear resistance and load carrying capability in a PEEK™-based product.
This grade provides 3½ times higher thermal conductivity than non reinforced PEEK™ — dissipating heat from the bearing surface faster.
Carbon-filled PEEK™ is BLACK in color.
Bearing Grade PEEK™
Bearing grade PEEK™ parts, containing carbon fiber reinforced with graphite and PTFE lubricants, offers the lowest coefficient of friction and the is the easiest grade of PEEK™ to machine parts from.
Bearing grade PEEK™ has an excellent combination of low friction, low wear, high limiting PV, low mating part wear, and easy machining.
Bearing grade PEEK™ is BLACK or DARK GRAY in color.

PEEK™ Machined Parts are made in a completely controlled environment.
Some Examples of parts we can machine from PEEK™:
Peek O-rings, Peek Seats, Peek Bushings, Peek Bearings, Peek Guide Blocks, Peek Wear Pads, Peek Washers.

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