white sealing ring plastic flat ptfe flange gasket

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white sealing ring plastic flat ptfe flange gasket

PTFE gasket is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin. PTFE compared with other plastics, has a superior properties against chemicals and temperature.PTFE plastic seal gasket 100% Virgin material

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Product Details

Virgin PTFE  gaskets are made from 100% pure material which is used in most general applications. It is extremely soft and formable and is often used for chemical resistant seals and gaskets. It possesses the highest physical and electrical insulation properties and has increased resistance to creep (compression) under load. 
PTFE gasket is made by cutting PTFEstick, pipe and sheet into flat shape, v shape gasket or valve has 100% PTFE structure. it can bear the most bitter chemical medium, and has good anti-creeping performance.
With good mechanical strength ,PTFE can be made into different shapes of PTFE products or other metal products such as PTFE envelope gasket, spiral wound gasket, metal corrugated gasket or metal serrated gasket.
Expanded PTFE gasket , is a replacement of asbestos. it is anti-creeping, anti-cold-flow, has no pollution.
It is easy to install and replace. under small pre-stress force, it can bear great internal pressure even in a environment of changing pressure. it is the best suit the condition with rough and fragile flange and alternately-changing temperature.



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