Customized CNC Nylon bearing Sleeve Plastic Flange Bushing

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Customized CNC Nylon bearing Sleeve Plastic Flange Bushing

Cnc turning plastic sleeve bushing nylon sleeve bushing

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Product Details

MC nylon gear rubber plate, bushing, nylon pin

MC nylon rubber sheet
MC nylon sleeve
MC nylon pin
Advantages of use:
1. Good wear resistance, and the service life is 2-3 times that of copper products.
2. The price is cheap, one-fifth of the price of copper products.
3. Good self-lubricating performance, can operate normally without adding oil.
4. Light weight and easy installation.
Specifications: Customized according to user drawing

MC nylon is a new type of polyamide engineering plastic. Due to its comprehensive properties, its position in engineering plastics has risen rapidly, becoming an important material for mechanical parts, and its usage is increasing.

The properties of MC nylon:

(1) High strength, able to bear the load for a long time;

(2) Good resilience, can be bent without deformation, while maintaining toughness and resisting repeated impacts;

(3) Wear-resistant and self-lubricating, it provides better working performance than bronze, cast iron, carbon steel and phenolic pressure plate in oil-free or (deoiled) lubrication applications, reducing consumption and saving energy;

(4) Noise absorption and shock absorption. MC nylon has a much smaller modulus than metal and has a greater attenuation of vibration, providing a practical way to prevent noise than metal.

(5) Compared with metal, MC nylon has low hardness and does not damage the wear parts;

(6) The low friction coefficient provides the possibility of its wide application in friction parts;

(7) High chemical stability, resistance to alkalis, alcohols, ethers, hydrocarbons, weak acids, lubricating oils, detergents, water (sea water), and has the characteristics of odorless, non-toxic, tasteless, and rust-free, making it extensive The mechanical parts used in alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental protection and sanitation, food, textile printing and dyeing, etc. provide excellent conditions;

(8) MC nylon products can be made into various colors according to user needs, without affecting the quality, and beautiful.

(9) MC nylon cannot be used in the following environments and media:

A. The use temperature exceeds 120℃ for a long time

B. Strong acid, phenol, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, barium chloride, etc.

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