POM delrin Acetal sheet plate black white 4x8 ft size full size stock

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POM delrin Acetal sheet plate black white 4x8 ft size full size stock

Polyoxymethylene (POM)
 The scientific name of polyoxymethylene is polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as delrin and acetal . It is obtained by polymerizing formaldehyde as raw materials.

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Product Details

POM is a kind of dystectic, high crystallinity thermoplastic engineering plastic material, its mechanical property is very close to metal material, can be used in 100°C normally.
POM sheet can be applied to making components and parts of mechanical equipment, such as wheel gear, bearing, pump case, which is widely employed in the field of auto industry, electronics, medical devices, packing services, food machinery.
There are POM-C and POM-H in the market, and POM-C has the most market share, because it is easy to compound and machine, and our company can both offer POM-C and POM-H sheet.
HONY®POM Advantages:
1. Excellent abrasion and creep resistance property;
2. High dimensional and shape stability;
3. Retains toughness under low temperature (-40°C);
4. Resistant to organic solvents; Insoluble under normal temperature;
5. Thermal deformation temperature is close to that of PC, PTFE and nylon;
6. High compressive strength, second only to glass fiber;
7. Good sliding property; wear resistant; non-water absorbent;
1. Not resistant to acids, especially to mineral acids;
2. Not resistant to UV;
3. Not self-extinguishing, and thus must be kept away from fire;
4. Not resistant to impact. 
HONY®POM Applications:
1. Sliding parts: bearing and lining, roller, conveyor chain;
2. Precision mechanical components: gear, cam, coupler, idler roller;
3. Waterproof components: impeller, pump case, gasket;
4. Electrical parts: guide pulley, spring lock;
5. Fixture, lever, handle, knob and other jig materials.


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