Wear resistance engineering plastic PPS plate sheet natural

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Wear resistance engineering plastic PPS plate sheet natural

High temperature resistant natural PPS block PPS sheet black PPS-GF40 sheet
Customized Good Thermal Mechanical Plastics Black Color PPS Sheet Board Rod

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Product Details

High temperature resistance pps plastic sheet pps rod / pipe polyphenylene sulfide plate board bar
 PPS - polyphenylene sulphide is a partially crystalline material that provides very high mechanical performance combined with excellent resistance to heat and chemicals (continuous service temperature resistance up to approximately + 464 °F), high dimensional stability and creep strength. Its is one of the highest among polymers. Excellent hardness and rigidity are other characteristics of PPS. By virtue of its strength and affordability, it bridges the gap between the partially crystalline industrial plastics and PEEK. Thanks to reinforcement with 40% glass fibres, strengths are attained that are comparable with light metals

PPS Sheet is a high temperatures, with low outgassing, and great dimensional stability, Excellent strength and hardness,Very high rigidity,Resistance to chemicals and high heat deformation, Very good electrical insulation properties,High resistance to the effects of weather, near zero moisture absorption,High hydrolysis resistance in the case of non-reinforced types.

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