Custom wear resistant mc cast nylon round rod red blue natural black white

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Custom wear resistant mc cast nylon round rod red blue natural black white

Round natural nylon bar plastic nylon rod cast nylon colored PA6 PA66 rod
High Precision Extruded Nylon PA6 bar ready stock natural or white color MC901 Nylon Rod

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Product Details

HONY®MC Nylon Rod Bar Chinese called monomer casting nylon. 
It has a variety of unique properties such as light weight, high strength, self-lubricating, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, and insulation.
It is a widely used engineering plastic, which can be found in almost all industrial fields.

MC nylon (ivory white): The characteristics of unmodified cast nylon 6 are very similar to those of PA66. It has good comprehensive performance, high strength, rigidity and hardness, creep resistance, wear resistance, heat aging, and good machining performance.

MC901 (blue): This modified nylon 6 has a striking blue color. It has higher toughness, flexibility and fatigue resistance than ordinary cast nylon. It proves to be an ideal material for gears, racks and transmission gears.

PA66+ oil (green): This cast nylon 66 is a veritable self-lubricating nylon. It is specially developed for the manufacture of non-lubricated, high-load and low-speed parts, which greatly broadens the application range of nylon. The friction coefficient of nylon is low (can be reduced by 50%) and wear resistance is improved (can be increased by 10 times).

PA66+Molybdenum disulfide (gray black): Containing molybdenum disulfide powder, which can improve the load-bearing capacity and wear resistance of unmodified cast nylon without affecting the impact and fatigue resistance of unmodified cast nylon. It is very widely used Manufacturing gears, bearings, star wheels and sleeves.

PA66+ solid lubricant (gray): It adopts the formula of patented cast nylon 66 and contains solid lubricant. This material has self-lubricating properties, excellent friction, outstanding wear resistance and pressure speed capability (compared to ordinary 5 times higher than cast nylon). It is especially suitable for moving parts that run at high speed and cannot be lubricated.

PA6 (white): This material has the most superior comprehensive properties, including mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance. These characteristics, coupled with good electrical insulation and chemical resistance, make PA6 a "universal grade" material for the manufacture of mechanical structural parts and maintainable parts.

PA66 (cream color): Compared with PA6, its mechanical strength, stiffness, heat resistance and wear resistance, creep resistance are better, but the impact strength and mechanical shock absorption performance are reduced, which is very suitable for automatic lathe machining.


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