High precision self lubrication plastic peek natural black plate peek plastic round bar

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High precision self lubrication plastic peek natural black plate peek plastic round bar

10mm Natural PEEK Solid PEEK Polyetheretherketone Rod Bar

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Product Details

HONY®PEEK Sheet Rod Round bar plate tube Advantage 
1: High temperature resistance performance: The glass transition temperature is as high as 143C, and the melting point is 343C. After being filled with glass fiber or carbon fiber, the heat distortion temperature is as high as 315℃ and the long-term use temperature is 260℃.

2: Good mechanical properties: It is a material with a better combination of toughness and rigidity among all resins, and its strength and fatigue resistance are even better than some metals and alloy materials.

3: Flame retardancy and low smoke: no need to add other flame retardant ingredients to have flame retardant characteristics, 1.5mm thickness samples can reach the UL-94 V0 standard, and the amount of smoke is significantly lower than others Variety of resins.

4: Chemical resistance: Except for the corrosion of strong oxidizing acids such as high concentration of concentrated sulfuric acid, it has chemical resistance similar to PTFE resin, and it can completely retain its mechanical properties in various chemical reagents, which is better Corrosion-resistant materials.

5: Self-lubricity and wear resistance: PEEK resin itself has relatively good self-lubrication and wear resistance, and the filled resin has better wear resistance and is a better bearing material.

6: Hydrolysis resistance: long-term immersion in high temperature steam and hot water can still maintain good mechanical properties, and it is the best variety of resins with the best hydrolysis resistance.

7: Dimensional stability: With extremely low water absorption and linear thermal expansion coefficient, its products have excellent dimensional stability in various application environments.

8: Economical: It has the characteristics of low specific gravity (pure resin 1.3) and multiple processing methods (injection\extrusion\molding\blowing\electrostatic spraying), and it is easy to compound and modify, so that the material has good economic and practicality.

9: Electrical properties and insulation properties: it still has relatively good insulation and stable electrical properties under high temperature, high pressure, high speed, high humidity and other environments.

10: Radiation resistance and weather resistance: It has relatively good resistance to various radiations, can withstand high doses of γ and other radiation and maintain its various characteristics, and can be used in various harsh environments.

11: High purity, low volatility and non-toxicity: PEEK resin itself is non-toxic, its molecular structure is very stable, and it is not easy to produce volatiles. The purified high-purity resin is an excellent biochemical medical material.

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