OD10 x ID7.5mm POM delrin Acetal White tube pipe

Engineering Plastics

OD10 x ID7.5mm POM delrin Acetal White tube pipe

White modified POM tubeФ10xФ7.5mm

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Product Details

Mechanical behavior                                                           

Tensile yield strength 50Mpa
Simply supported beam impact strength 4KJ/M2
Shore hardness D 75-85Scale
Elongation at yield 25%

Electrical performance

Dielectric constant 3.7
Dielectric loss index 0.007
Dielectric strength 19KV/mm

Thermal performance

Melting point 165 oC
Thermal conductivity 0.31W/(m*k)
Long-term working temperature 80oC
Short-term working temperature 120oC
Heat distortion temperature 130oC
Linear expansion coefficient 13 (10-6K-1)
Specific gravity 1.4g/cm3
Water absorption rate 0.25%
Flame retardant HB

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