OD6.2 x ID4.6mm POM delrin Acetal White Red Yellow Black Blue tube pipe

Engineering Plastics

OD6.2 x ID4.6mm POM delrin Acetal White Red Yellow Black Blue tube pipe

Engineering plastic wear resistance custom made Acetal tube perforated plastics Delrin POM pipe

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Product Details

Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a kind of engineering plastic with excellent performance. It is known as "Delrin" and "Acetal" . Pom has the hardness, strength and rigidity similar to metals, and has good self-lubricity, good fatigue resistance, and elasticity in a wide range of temperature and humidity. In addition, it has good chemical resistance. Character. The cost of pom is lower than that of many other engineering plastics, and it is replacing some markets traditionally occupied by metals, such as replacing zinc, brass, aluminum and steel to make many parts. Since its inception, pom has been widely used in electronics, electrical, machinery , Instrumentation, daily light industry, automobile, building materials, agriculture and other fields. In many new areas of applications, such as medical technology, sports equipment, etc., pom has also shown a good growth trend.
POM has a very low coefficient of friction and good geometric stability, especially suitable for making gears and bearings. Because it also has high temperature resistance characteristics, it is also used in pipeline devices (pipe valves, pump housings), lawn equipment, etc.

As a transparent material with excellent performance, polymethyl methacrylate is widely used in the following aspects:
1. Lamps, lighting equipment, such as various household lamps, fluorescent lampshades, car tail lights, signal lights, road signs.
2. Optical glass, such as manufacturing various lenses, mirrors, prisms, TV screens, Fresnel lenses, cameras with zero light transmission.
3. Prepare dials, covers and dials of various instruments and meters.
4. Prepare optical fiber.
5. Commercial advertising display windows, billboards.
6. Aircraft cockpit glass, bulletproof glass for aircraft and automobiles (with interlayer material required).
7. Various medical, military and architectural glass.

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