Black color ESD antistatic peek bar peek rod

ESD/Antistatic materials

Black color ESD antistatic peek bar peek rod

Esd peek bar rod plate and antistatic peek plastic sustapeek 3mm peek sheet price Precision machining

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Product Details

We have developed Electrically Conductive PEEK ESD material - nano black, using Victrex ® PEEK 450 G polymer.
This electrically conductive material is suitable for applications that involve a plastic with the added characteristic of electrical conductivity.
PEEK ESD Electrically Conductive rods benefit from the addition of carbon nano fibers which allow to achieve a high degree of conductivity while maintaining relatively low filler content.
PEEK ESD Electrically Conductive rods open up a wide variety of possibilities and new uses for high-performance plastics in combination with other excellent properties provided by polyaryletherketones such as thermal stability and chemical resistance.

Some of the Features of PEEK ESD Electrically Conductive rods include:
this special version of PEEK has electrical conductivity
PEEK ESD comes with a high dimensional stability
continuous service temperature up to 260 °C
high strength and high thermal and mechanical capacity
PEEK ESD has very good chemical resistance
electrically conductive PEEK has good machinability and high toughness


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