PTFE Hydraulic Piston Rod Seal GSF Glyd Ring/Slide Ring/Step Seal


PTFE Hydraulic Piston Rod Seal GSF Glyd Ring/Slide Ring/Step Seal

HONY®High performance X-ring seal hydraulic piston seal PTFE seal

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Product Details

Combined Piston Seal

Scope of application

HONY®Combined Piston Seal is used in series seals for a variety of liquid applications and is an internal seal. Mainly used for piston and plunger sealing. It can be used in mineral oil, modified oil, flame-retardant hydraulic oil and compressed air.

HONY®Combined Piston Seal is a combined seal composed of a double-lip elastomer and a wear ring. Before installation, the sealing lip protrudes outward, and after installation, the cylinder liner is pressed tightly to provide elasticity for the wear ring, and an excellent sealing effect can be achieved even when there is no pressure. The liquid on both sides of the sealing ring can be separated, and it is also suitable for sealing the oil chamber to prevent the invasion of other liquids Combined seal 

Standard material

  Sealing ring: filled with PTFE F-PTFE

  Elastomer: Nitrile rubber NBR or polyurethane PU

-Easy to install
-High wear resistance
-Low friction, no stick-slip phenomenon

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